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Simply possessing certain amounts of illegal drugs or controlled substances can result in drug trafficking charges, even if you had no intention of trafficking. Florida has some of the harshest drug crime penalties in the country. State and federal drug trafficking charges have serious consequences, so it is critical that you are not overcharged for a crime you did not commit.

You need an attorney who will fight to protect your constitutional rights from illegal search and seizure and additional violations. At Gomez & Touger, P.A., we represent individuals, including doctors and pharmacists, who are charged with drug trafficking in Florida. We can defend you against all state and federal drug charges, including possession. If we uncover constitutional rights violations, we will argue to have the evidence suppressed and/or the charges dismissed. To schedule a free consultation with our Tampa drug trafficking attorneys, please call .

Aggressive Defense Against Harsh Penalties

Thoroughly examining the police procedure is a crucial step in drug crimes defense. As former state prosecutors, our attorneys understand exactly what law enforcement is and is not allowed to do during a drug arrest and search. We will exploit any violations of police procedure to your advantage.

Drug trafficking can be charged as a federal and state crime. The amount and type of drug involved will affect the charge and sentence. In Florida, the penalties for trafficking may include prison sentences from three to 25 years and fines up to $500,000.

There are federal minimum mandatory prison sentences for possession/trafficking charges as well. Criminal possession of a controlled substance has a minimum five-year prison sentence for just 15-20 pills of a prescription drug such as oxycodone. Additional federal minimum sentences include:

  • A five-year minimum mandatory prison term for 28 grams of crack or 500 grams of cocaine

  • A 10-year minimum mandatory prison term for 280 grams of crack or five kilograms of cocaine

  • A five-year minimum mandatory prison term for 100 kilograms or more of marijuana or 100 or more marijuana plants

  • A 10-year minimum mandatory prison term for 1,000 kilograms or more of a mixture or substance containing marijuana or 1,000 or more marijuana plants

You can be charged with trafficking and/or cultivation for running a hydroponic marijuana grow house. This charge also has a five-year minimum mandatory prison sentence.

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