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At Gomez & Touger, P.A., we understand that when you are facing criminal charges, you are in the fight of your life. Whether it is a first-time misdemeanor or a repeat felony, your future will be affected by the outcome. Working with an experienced attorney is crucial to protect your rights.

Work Directly With A Former Prosecutor

Our background as state prosecutors gives us unique insight into the Florida criminal justice system. We know what it takes to convict people of crimes, which means we also know how to defend against the charges. We carefully examine the evidence and investigate the case, looking for weaknesses we can exploit.

Thorough case preparation is critical to criminal defense strategy. We work with investigators when appropriate as well as experts in areas such as forensics, DNA, accident reconstruction and autopsies. We also review police procedure and file motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges when we find constitutional rights violations.

Under Florida law, we can take depositions before trial. We take extensive depositions, allowing us to address all of the evidence and work through the issues in each case. Many times, this means we do not have to take the case to trial.

However, our Tampa criminal law attorneys are always prepared to go to trial when that is in the client’s best interests. We are very experienced trial lawyers who know how to present cases to judges and juries. In every case, we discuss the potential risks and benefits of negotiating a plea versus going to trial. We can make recommendations, but the final decision is always yours.

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